Formed in the winter of 2001 from the ashes of Silver Tongued Devil, The Cheats decided to create the kind of band that was lacking in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA – an old-fashioned, late-70’s-style punk rock ‘n roll band. Led by vocalist Todd Porter, aka Todd Cheat - former frontman of Silver Tongued Devil (People Like You/Century Media) and Eviction (Metal Blade), the ever evolving line-up logged many miles on tour, adopting the DIY punk attitude that is crucial to the scene.  


Around 2017 the “Pussyfootin/Rockamania” line-up started falling apart as some band members grew tired of living in a van and playing the dirty rock clubs that loved them. This allowed Todd to put together a band of like-minded musicians that loved to road. Since the band now had some national notoriety, he didn’t necessarily have to recruit local musicians. The band now features guitarists from two well known rock towns, Devin Holiday from Atlanta, GA and Rob Senomar from Cleveland, OH. 


The new line-up immediately started playing shows and writing songs for a new record. After a few short tours, the band hit the studio in the fall of 2019 to create the new album, “Cussin, Crying N’ Carrying On.” Originally slated for a spring release, due the pandemic it hit stores worldwide on August 14th, 2020.


Cheap Pills  (2003 - Da' Core) - Out of Print

Life's Short  (2006 - Da' Core) - Out of Print

Pussyfootin'  (2012 - Screaming Crow)

Rockamania #1  Split LP w/ Electric Frankenstein

                                     (2014 - Screaming Crow) 

Cussin, Crying N Carrying On  (2020 - Screaming Crow)