Some of our favorite songs from over the years.

Here is some of our favorite tracks. A couple from each album. Want to buy the downloads or physical albums? Click Here!


New video coming soon!

We just recorded a new video for "Give Up The Ghost." Our great friends at Vive Le Rock magazine will be posting it soon for the world to see. We'll keep you posted!


Save Our Stages!!

Todd Cheat recently lent his voice to a charitable song called "SOS2020" which includes 60 Pittsburgh area musicians and ex-Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson.  The band will be doing a short live show via the internet in support
of this worthy cause. You can check it out here...


New songs coming soon!

We'll be going into the studio at then end of January to record a couple new tracks for the "Rock N Roll Jukebox" 45 series that will come out in 2021. It will include one new song and a 70s or 80s cover that you would have heard on the jukebox back then.  Its going to be fun.



Rock N Roll records ARE selling this year!


We just repressed the new record in Rock Candy Red! There are still a couple of Pink left as well. Get them before they're gone.

Order it here!







Radio gaa gaa!


"Cussin, Crying N Carrying On" debuted on the Hard Rock Radio top 50 and was on the Metal chart for weeks. (IKR?) Big thanks to Munsey over at Skateboard Marketing for the push! 



"Its Alright" video debut!


A big thanks to Vive Le Rock Magazine for premiering the new video for "Its Alright!" Now we can share it with everyone. Please share and comment!








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"Its Alright" Video!

Our quarantine video for our first single "Its Alright." Please share with your friends and comment!

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